The fabrication of stainless steel components is conducted in accordance with the guidelines recommended by both SASSDA (South African Stainless Steel Development Association) and Columbus Stainless Steel.

In order to prevent carbon steel contamination we have an enclosed area within our works dedicated solely to the fabrication of stainless steel components, with equipment dedicated to use on stainless steel. Written procedures are in place for the handling and treatment of stainless steels as well as procedures for the pickling and passivation of welded and worked components.

Welding procedures and welders are qualified to both ASME and British Standards Codes.


304 L Stainless Steel Duckfoot Bends for CMC’s Athlone Waste Water Treatment Works

304 L Stainless Steel Specials
for CMC’s Athlone Waste Water
Treatment Works within isolated stainless steel area in our Works


See Stainless Steel Hydrofoil

Stainless Steel Filter Vessel

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